Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finding Clients...and shots of Tequila?!?

Just when you think you're out of the woods because you are starting a great new career in real estate, you are reminded of the basics: door knocking, cold calling, prospecting yourself to everyone. I have a new and profound feeling for those telemarketers who call the house a bit too early or to late and receive a quick NO and perhaps a hang-up on a bad day.

This is going to be ME. One day soon enough I will sit down to call a person I don't know anything about (besides their phone number) and my heart will beat with nervous anticipation and I will probably be rejected. Over and Over again. Is there anything wrong with tackling cold calling with a shot of tequila in hand?? What about double-fisted?

So if you'd like to spare me the uncomfortable task at hand, just recommend me and my realtor husband Oliver Indra ( to your family, friends, or random people you meet. And we'll be sure to pour you a drink instead!

Melia Indra - (soon to be Realtor with Prudential)


  1. Cold calling doesn't sound fun. So why ARE you getting into the real estate business? :)

  2. Hi Amber,

    No cold calling isn't my favorite pastime, but it may help me find people who need help, that I wouldn't have regularly run into.
    My husband is a Realtor and has had a good experience, I want to team-up with him and take on the marketing aspect. I love internet marketing, networking, and having a challenging career in beautiful San Diego. Have you ever been out to CA/ San Diego?