Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finding Clients...and shots of Tequila?!?

Just when you think you're out of the woods because you are starting a great new career in real estate, you are reminded of the basics: door knocking, cold calling, prospecting yourself to everyone. I have a new and profound feeling for those telemarketers who call the house a bit too early or to late and receive a quick NO and perhaps a hang-up on a bad day.

This is going to be ME. One day soon enough I will sit down to call a person I don't know anything about (besides their phone number) and my heart will beat with nervous anticipation and I will probably be rejected. Over and Over again. Is there anything wrong with tackling cold calling with a shot of tequila in hand?? What about double-fisted?

So if you'd like to spare me the uncomfortable task at hand, just recommend me and my realtor husband Oliver Indra ( to your family, friends, or random people you meet. And we'll be sure to pour you a drink instead!

Melia Indra - (soon to be Realtor with Prudential)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mardi Gras, Class Room, and ITALIAN Food

Yesterday I drove...all day long. There was a Prudential required class that put me in the class room learning about real estate law for three hours. Some good information, a few scary stories, but the free coffee helped!

I couldn't believe the traffic to and fro, and I don't know how all those 9-to-5er's do that commute daily. (Who am I kidding? My life as a Realtor will be behind a windshield!) Then once again, was in the car for my second drive to the San Diego Gaslamp Mardi Gras - and what an event! Escaped some of the craziness by dining at Salvatores - an authentic Italian restaurant with amazing service! Can you sit through a 3 hour meal?

Today, working on more of our video blogs. Got a few responses, but nothing overwhelming...hopefully that will change with time!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Del Mar Day: New Media and Sbicca Rock!

Spent the day in Del Mar today, attending a new media conference for Prudential which shared new
media trends and ideas that clients will dye for.

Ate lunch in Old Del Mar at a restaurant called Sbicca which is contemporary american cuisine - pretty yummy and great ocean views!

Previewed some homes in Del Mar (Del Mar Woods) with Oliver. Also checked out a few in Cardiff By-The-Sea and made some videos that I can't wait to share with you on OUR BLOG tomorrow - one of them is hilarious! 

If you are in Oceanside with nothing to do on a Thursday night, give the local farmer's market a chance Sunset Market!

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Choosing The Right Broker - Prudential

Choosing the right real estate broker is important because of the resources and training they offer at the beginning. Plus the support and further education as a professional with current market trends in the industry. Yesterday I chose to go with Prudential Californian Realty in Carlsbad. Discovered the office, fellow realtors, calendar of required courses, in-office training and meetings schedule and all sorts of things that will turn me into a informed realtor in no time.

Now that my finger prints are out of the way, DRE forms must be filed and I have to wait for my DRE license number before I really get started.

On the social side, I met a group of awesome ladies that meet up once a month. They started a wine tasting party rotation in Oceanside, and I got on the list to co-host a party at my residence coming up in October.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This blog is dedicated to my real estate journey...and it is about to start NOW.

Of all the places one could settle in the world, I chose San Diego County, specifically Oceanside. Not only do I love living in this beautiful, warm, sunny, friendly piece on earth; I love the idea of helping others realize their dreams of being a home owner in San Diego too.

I first discovered San Diego at the age of 19 when I blindly moved down to San Diego from Sacramento to attend SDSU. It was my first time ever visiting the city, and I can't say I knew what I was getting myself into. I graduated with a degree in Communication, specializing in International and Intercultural Studies. Met my husband Oliver, got married and moved to his home country Liechtenstein; where we enjoyed 7 years living in Europe.

We made our move back to San Diego a few years ago. Oliver fell in love with Real Estate and now I am joining him as a partner. My experience with internet marketing (SEO, social networking, blogging, ecommerce) will be my speciality within our team.

I just passed the Real Estate Exam yesterday.  I am excited to get started in this industry I've been learning vicariously through my Realtor husband this past year. This blog is dedicated to my journey...and it is about to start NOW.

Melia Indra &
Oliver Indra Realtor
760 805 9336


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