Thursday, February 11, 2010

Choosing The Right Broker - Prudential

Choosing the right real estate broker is important because of the resources and training they offer at the beginning. Plus the support and further education as a professional with current market trends in the industry. Yesterday I chose to go with Prudential Californian Realty in Carlsbad. Discovered the office, fellow realtors, calendar of required courses, in-office training and meetings schedule and all sorts of things that will turn me into a informed realtor in no time.

Now that my finger prints are out of the way, DRE forms must be filed and I have to wait for my DRE license number before I really get started.

On the social side, I met a group of awesome ladies that meet up once a month. They started a wine tasting party rotation in Oceanside, and I got on the list to co-host a party at my residence coming up in October.

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