Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A New Eco-Savvy Community in Carlsbad

Touring Carlsbad's new housing developments was becoming a bit mundane, until we stumbled upon a fresh new builder - Rockrose
Instead of receiving a full brochure of the housing development we were handed a 4 inch square card - their "ecofriendly brochure" leading us to a website. It was a bit different and caught our attention....then it held my attention as I discovered that you can plant this paper with seeds inside, and flowers will bloom. Now that is eco-friendly!

The homes themselves were nice, let's face it, there is some ferce competition in that area,  Rockrose tried to stick with the eco-friendly theme...and in some cases failed. How is a wall featuring a huge flat screen TV with two smaller flat screen TV mounted below eco-friendly? There were a few things that didn't feel right, however we were happy with the effort of building energy efficient homes and sticking through with the eco-savvy marketing.

Want to view these homes? Please give us a call first and we would be happy to take you along....in our somewhat eco-friendly cars.....:)

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Melia Indra
Prudential California Realty- Carlsbad
760 681 9960

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